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10 Bozo Genetic Variants

Those unique breeds come from hundreds of years of genetic blends.
Godz manifest the Bozoverse

Godz are the primitive forces of the Bozoverse. They can embrace the void of the Bozoverse, and their powers lie in the darkness within it. Ever desire-less, they quietly watch Bozos like straw dogs as they initiate their silly activities. When they choose to act, they blast Bozons light particles, a loving, creative energy force that constitutes the infinite consciousness of the Bozoverse.

If you're looking for an out-of-this-world time, Alienz are beaming with joy to give it.

These extravagant, extraordinary, extraterrestrial bozos love abducting you with un-planet-earthly great vibes for a good time. Alienz have a unique ability to see the Bozoverse from a different perspective. Their purpose is spiritual. They thrive on being understood, which often brings them into trouble as not all Bozo$ can see things from their point of view. Yet their spiritual strength relies on their connection to the greater cosmos of the Bozoverse. They are extremely capable, and once they rely on their imagination, wisdom, knowledge, and technologies, they are unstoppable.

Apez are hyped up, primal creature engineered for success.

Constantly seeking new experiences and all the latest come-ups, Apez are early adopters. They always bet on the first-mover advantage, which is why they're on every allowlist and cash on every pump. Often bored, they love to argue on Bozer about other Tribez and essentially feel like their opinion must matter to the Bozoverse. They are leading the trends in the Bozoverse, going beyond the status quo, and they are not afraid to express their individualistic personalities.

Bearz love nature and circular economies.

Stylish outdorks, they are foodies, always hungry. They love to gather and eat Honeyz together. They are very cuddly and like to hang with Kittyz when they play to chase Beez. They are very loyal hodlers. Obviously very bullish on BearDeluxe, they think about the real societal implication of blockchain and Bozonomics in the Bozoverse. Their big hearts and selfless nature makes them the most friendly tribe. That's because they reached the perfect balance between their feelings and intellect.

Committing to high competition, Bunnyz are the much-needed Ballerz of Bozo Society.

One thing all Bozos have in common is they love dunking on Reptilianz. The only difference is, Bunnyz have developed a hyper-ability to do so. When they're not summoning famous athletes to defeat Alienz in Bozo Sports, they're chilling out, maxing, relaxing, and all shooting some b-ball outside of the Bozo school.

Deamonz represents the death wish of the Bozoverse.

Their animalistic nature reveals the depth of the Bozo psyche. Contrary to popular belief, Deamonz have virtuous souls pumped by the kind and loving heart of Moros himself. When Earth was invaded, Deamonz compromised working with humanity to fight the greater evil. Now, clock in their 9 pm to 5 am shift haunting reptilians. Deamonz soon discovered they were fans of deconstructivist experimental Bozo music and obviously Bozo Metal. Their irreverent souls drive them to approach their shadows with the most outstanding care, love, and acceptance.

Kittyz are the cutest creatures, the very best to expect from feline genes.

They are very trendy, caring, and loving creatures who love to connect with others. Often streaming live on BozoTok or posting on BozoGram, their desire is to keep up with the latest Bozo fashion Trendz, away from Reptilianz. To emotionally avoid the kitten calls from Bunnyz, Kittyz can use their sweet tongue to satisfy their sweet tooth cravings. Kittyz can get their paws on anything they desire with their devious charm, and they do have a soft side in one of their 9 lives.

Walt forgot about the Mouze Mobz.

Originally from the underground, Mouze know life can be tough. Perpetually chased and bullied, but the Mouze always resist and persevere. Their tenacious attitudes may get them in trouble, but they know they are the most badass. Mouze are in for the ride in the Bozoverse. They hustle hard and will go all in to improve their lives and the Bozos around them. Mouze don't have diamond hands but can flip better than any other Bozo.

Trolleyz are jokers by nature and weird by default.

If a joke or meme about something exists, Trolleys already thought of it. Every situation in life will result in possibly sarcastic parodies and cause for a debate about a conspiracy theory. Trolleyz are often tripping about the fifth dimension and the deep secrets of Hoomanity. Their cheeky attitudes often annoy other Bozo$, getting them into trouble. Still, they know they are here to remind us of the more profound truth about their existence in the Bozoverse.

Roninz are spiritual warriors thriving for peace.

Roninz are loners, hikikomoris, Otaku thus huge fan of anime. They don't believe in having a master because they learned everything online on their own to facilitate their inner resilience. Roninz lost their ears because they have renounced all kinds of lusty desires. They can always be found training in their dojo or meditating in their zen bozo estates while keeping a close eye on the NFT market. Bullish on Salmon and Tuna NFTs and projects like 8sian and RoboRamen, their diet mainly consists of shrimp tempura for protein and avocado rolls for longevity. Roninz are here to remind us that temperance, patience, hard work, and acceptance are the Bozo way and that the Bozoverse already teaches us that the truth is within.


9 Social Gang

Remember who you are Bozo. You belong to one of the Tribez.
Weird AF and not giving a damn

They'll give anything a shot

Regenerating all Bozos

Failure is the path to success

There's no place like Hell

Love, care and kinkx

Make it or die trying

Degenerate to the core

Fighting for all Bozos


3 Bozo Power Ranks

Average Bozo

Basic Vibration
A Basic Bozo is neutral and comes as they are.


Super Vibration
Notice the Glossy Skin and background color change.


Ultimate Vibration
Notice the Glossier skin and the Bozons Light Particles floating around.

Only 8888 Bozos

So few Hoomanz.
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