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Bozo Genesis

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Revolutionary Cross-game Intelligent Identities,
for those Built Different.

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Are you ready

For the Next Identity Shift

They can try to limit us,
but they can’t tell us who we are.
So if they call you Bozo, let them.
Show them how Bozo you are.

free your

Set yourself free, embrace your true self and become empowered.

Celebrate your Identity and Express your freedom. They can’t tell you who you are. If someone calls you Bozo, Show them how Bozo you are. Only for those Built Different.



Play with your Cross-game Bozo through Ready Player Me.

Imagine how much fun it will be playing with your Bozo in hundreds of games and apps

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stand out

A unique Bozo. Amazing Art that matches you.

Impress your followers with a unique, fresh, majestic, and cute Bozo on the verge of psychosis. Get a High End, Premium, thousand of unique possibilities with Killer Fashion stylish Sick design Β features that combine the best of high fashion to fit and match your digital identity and stand out

‍Created by award winning & mentally challenged artist & designer Reno



Bozos are interactive NFTs.

Wonderful, intuitive, emotional, expressive and smart, those authentic digital beings each have a unique personality based on their metadata.



Animate your Bozo by filming yourself with Kinetix

Imagine being able to fully animate your bozos using Kinetix no-code studio to create your own social media content and shine online.

Enjoy exclusive premium utilities and gating access in Kinetix’s Play&Earn upcoming games!


Only 8888 Bozos

So few Hoomanz.

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β†’ Exclusive Access Pass
β†’ 8888 Unique Editions
β†’ ERC-721 Token
β†’ PFPΒ Ready
β†’ 600+ Unique Traits
β†’ 10 Speciez
β†’ 9 Tribes
β†’ 3 Dynastyz

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Discover and Explore the Bozoverse legacy

Discover the funniest, absurdly entertaining AI-generated stories and theories



Own one Bozo Island, Mint 3 Bozo!


Own the full rights to your Bozo.


β†’ Commercial Use License
β†’ Personal Use License
β†’ 3D Models on request


You are a Bozo too.


Ready to belong with Bozos like you?

You know what makes all of us Bozos so different? It's because we’re built this way. Come meet your new Bozo Frenz

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