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A metaverse Lifestyle & Entertainment brand advocating for digital regeneration, empowering individuals towards creative freedom.
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Regenerating Forces for new kinds of hyper-digital experiences.



Spatial allows NFT creators to customize a virtual space and gather for events such as exhibitions, brand experiences, and conferences.

→ $47.3M in funding
→ Completely free and open
→ More than 5x growth in terms of monthly active users in just 3 months


Cross-game avatar platform for the Metaverse

→ Used by 1000+ developers.
→ $29.5M in funding
→ Completely free and open
→ Strong brand partnerships (RTFKT, adidas, DeadMou5, Cryptopunks )
→ Hundred of thousands avatars created.

The team



The Bozoverse was initiated in the degenerate mind of Reno, a Brooklyn-based Artist & Digital Creator

Witnessing the degeneration of the Metaverse around him, Reno chose to depict a vision of his own before it's too late. Reno has been working in Advertising, Branding & Design for 17 years. He's now creating, designing, and vibing in the Bozoverse.


Creative Technologist
Lead Technology Bozo Wizard, Path is a master hacker of future technology.

His coding wisdom, legendary efficiency, and dedication to the cause will create waves towards the Metaverse. His award-winning, robust years working in the Digital field make him the perfect candidate to skyrocket the Bozoverse into beautifully crafted, interactive, and gamified experiences.