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The bozo world

The next XR Metaverse space

Bozoverse is an Extended Reality metaverse space, providing premium, high-quality, insane, interactive non-fungible tokens.


Humanity has reached a point of fusion...

...where mind and matter used to be separated by our materialistic patriarchal and cartesian foundation. The need for spirituality and self-acceptance merges emotions and intellect through intuitive subconscious processes.

The discoveries of this new century will allow us to reach a higher state of mind and spirituality. Paving the way to solve the root cause of humanity's setbacks, guiding us as one through individual, decentralized agents. The deeply situationist take on the metaverse offers new reflections and insights. Through passive observance and acceptance, our intuition can guide us to make active contributions.

Bozo Island and the Bozoverse celebrate internet degenerated culture and the new crypto social order. It's time to exhort the old order and embrace the information age.

The BOZO$.

Gene editing technology created vast new breeds of humanoid interplanetary and high nerd beings.

Those little ethereal creatures, best known as BOZO$, left Earth to live a life of decadence, fun, and opulence in new digital spaces.


The Bozoverse is the nexus of the Bozo metaverse.

Decentralized BOZO$ work together to protect themselves from the evil forces of the Meta Reptilians, who, pretending to have Hoomanity's best interest at heart, lavishly serve their own interest at the expense of their prey.

The kauz

Hoomanz are animalz too.
Mental Health for a sick world.
It's becoming more and more challenging for young (and old) people to make sense of the world. Bozoverse will give away 5% of its profit to a Mental Health charity.

Once the project's volume exceeds 150ETH, the contribution will be increased to 10%.

The team

Created by a renewed kind of BOZO


Art, Creative & Story

Bozo was initiated in the degenerate mind of Reno, Brooklyn based Artist & Digital Creator.

Witnessing the degeneration of the metaverse around dem, Reno chose to depict his peculiar vision of the world through his French Meta-Situanist, Crypto-Social and Satirical lens.

His relentless contribution has been acclaimed universally in the entire Bozoverse, but BOZO$ can't say their name and are unaware of his existence. It would be blasphemy.

Reno is also very much involved with technology, such as creative coding, games/web development, and more recently smart contracts.


Market Strategist and Community Manager

OG Loofy is the Lead Bozo Original General, Centurion of BOZO$, Creator of discords, leading the Bozo Army to conquer Meta Reptilians territories above and beyond the Twitterverse.

His merciless dominion and tactical style have been celebrated by Super Bozo$ for centuries.


Creative Technologist

Path is the Lead Technology Bozo Wizard, master hacker of reptilian tech, his coding wisdom, legendary efficiency, and dedication to the cause will create waves towards the metaverse.

His award-winning, robust years working in the Digital field make him the perfect candidate to skyrocket the Bozoverse into beautifully crafted, interactive, and gamified experiences a Bozo can only dream of.

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