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dARe to

Primitive Collectibles


Built through Frenz, for Frenz!

Bozoverse is a "Metaverse" Art Project made of Bozo things made for Bozos. Don't know what it is? Dunno either. You just need to know that you can have them things you buy with fake internet money there.

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Explore virtual spaces with Spatial

Explore our creative partners Fren'z most promising Metaverse! Completely free and open.


Cross-game Avatar with ReadyPlayerMe

Bozo will join hundred of thousands of avatars used by 1000+ developers. Completely free and open, they established strong brand partnerships (RTFKT, Adidas, DeadMou5, Cryptopunks ) and rocked. Also working with Spatial and more!


With Polyland, a Play'n'Earn Metaverse

Check out the Zomboz and enter the coolest Unreal Game through Quests, Mini-Games & Shopping with an enhanced player rewards system.


User-Generated 3D animation with Kinetix

Animate your Bozo with your own moves with our frenz at Kinetix. β†’ Used by 30 000+ creators, with hundred of thousands of animations created also completely free and open.


Bozo Self Portrait.

Founder & Creator

Reno is a Degenerated Ward-Winning Brooklyn-based Artist & Digital Creator with a Mental Disorder. With the help of his Frenz, he built Bozoverse to have fun and play with himself and others in the virtual world.





Thanks to

Loofy (Community Management), Berkawy (Community Support), Path (WebGL R&D), Popstarving (Strategic Advisor), Plouz (Character Rigging), Terenceio|Bozo, SickMrTickles, pArtySHIP, Professor Bozo, nmbq (Modz), all Bozos and our Partners for their help on the Projects!