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Art Collectibles for the Digitally Enlightened.

Bozo is an Art Experiment in reaction to the Digital Enlightenment, a new age that will globally trigger massive paradigm shifts for humanity.

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Wow! Bozos are coming in March 2023.

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This immersive NFT is built to be brought into the Metaverse on Spatial.io.

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Play, Create, & Explore within virtual worlds.

Our partners are the most successful, driven, and brightest minds in the field, offering the best & latest innovations to create the ultimate Bozo Experience.


Bozo explores decentralized vocabulary & cross-cultural grammar in the realm of upcoming digital worlds collectibles.

A project by Reno Studio.

(Past & Present)

Loofy (Community Management), Berkawy (Community Support), Path (WebGL R&D), Popstarving (Strategic Advisor), Plouz (Character Rigging), Martin (Production Support), Terenceio|Bozo, SickMrTickles, pArtySHIP, Professor Bozo, nmbq (Modz), all Bozos and our Partners for their help on the Projects!


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